WordPress 4.0 and why I’m loving it

Wordpress 4.0 Why I'm loving itWordPress 4.0 is here and totally impressing me.  

I'm just loving what is available in this update and I'll explain why I love what WordPress has done.

As always, when it's time to find out about wordpress updates, I always check out what Just-Ask-Kim has to say.

Welcome to WordPress 4.0 and Google Analytics by Yoast 5.0

"Introducing WordPress 4.0 (And GA by Yoast 5.0) Two important updates rolled out today for WordPress users! WordPress 4.0 + Google Analytics for WordPress 5.0 (by Yoast) Sweetness! WordPress 4.0  You can find the official announcement for WordPress 4.0 here.    Features […]"


As Kim recommends, make sure you backup before you update.  Like Kim, I use backup buddy and totally recommend it.  It's made my backups easy ever since.

I'm totally impressed with the new image and imbedded image functionality.  It's amazing what can be done with images now.  If you are a Chrome user, you would know that for years, making changes to images was a real pain and not easy to do.  Wordpress 4.0 has fixed all that.  Just adjust as you need.  You can also see your YouTube videos as they will appear, something that wasn't possible with older versions.

This update has made finding plugins so much easier.  You no longer have to leave your blog to check out reviews.  It's all just right there for you to choose what you need.  The new plugin view finally looks modern and easy to use.

I'm also really impressed with the Media Library Grid.  Looking at images, updating them and seeing what you have easily is a functionality that is really going to be used.  I know I'm not the only blogger who has images that need to be fixed up, and the new functions allows that to happen easily and quickly.

I am just loving the new WordPress 4.0 Benny update.  Have you updated yet?

Tania Shipman


WordPress 3.6 is available

The latest update of WordPress is available as WordPress 3.6.  

There are quite a few new changes and my favourites are being able to see the post revisions side by side and being able to lock a post so no one else can alter it.

I have a habit of having multiple pages open and then trying to figure out which is the most current post. Now I can easily see.  

As I have several sites for clients, being able to see what changes they or I have made makes it really easy to see what and why changes were made. 

WordPress 3.6 Oscar Released

“6 has now been released, it has been in the making for some time now and has come with a number of great updates. .”

These latest updates are something I’ve been wishing for a long time, so I’m really happy WordPress have implemented them.  

Let me know what you think of WordPress 3.6.

Tania Shipman



RSS Google Reader is gone

What are you replacing Google Reader with?


No one apart from Google seems to think it’s a great idea that Google Reader is gone.  However, it’s now gone and if you love your feeds or need them for software, you need to know what’s available.   

 I was a big fan of Google reader and I will miss it.  I’ve signed up for 2 readers.  Feedly as mentioned in the post and also Talkwalker.  Talkwalker is a free service for up to 100 keywords, whilst Feedly works off the RSS feeds.

This is a good post about options and even what RSS means if you never used Google Reader.

What to do with RSS Google Reader gone

“…to get the word out, rather than the passive environment of Google Reader updates. Anyone who wants to promote content needs a more active presence on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit…”

I’m going to miss Google Reader and I’ll keep you updated on what works out best for me.

Are you missing Google Reader?  What reader have you changed to?  Do you even use RSS?  

I would love to hear your thoughts on the demise of Google Reader.

Talk soon

Tania Shipman

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Amethyst Web Solutions

Amethyst Web Solutions

Amethyst Web Solutions

This is my very first post on this site and I’m really excited to be introducing Amethyst Web Solutions to you.  This site is my answer to what I want to do and what I want to say.  

I want to help you reach other people via your own website.  It sounds so simple but you might have hesitated because of a heap of reasons from too hard, too much work, not enough time and just not sure what to do.

You don’t have to worry about those reasons anymore, because I will help you do it.  There are so many options available and you have the opportunity to talk to me about finding the best solution for you.

I love the internet and how it allows me to connect with you no matter where you are from.  With your computer, laptop, touch device or mobile phone, you can talk to me via my site, emails, newsletters and social media.  It’s truly awesome how easily you can connect with me.  Now think about sharing yourself in the same way using your own site.  Wouldn’t that be awesome!

Why would you want to connect with me?  

When you connect with me, my skills, knowledge and information I find interesting will be shared.  When you have a question about the internet or WordPress  I’m going to do my very best to give you an answer.  If I can’t find that answer, then I’ll find someone who I believe will be able to help you.

I’m concentrating on building websites on this site, but it’s also about best practices, best products, the best value that you can find and if you can’t find it, send me an email and ask me to find it for you.

I’m really excited to be here with you, let’s see what we can discover.  


Tania Shipman

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